Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in ASEAN HR Declaration

Demonstrators are asking people to understand that gays and lesbians are just like everyone else in societies and to stop discriminate against them.


2 thoughts on “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in ASEAN HR Declaration

  1. We care human beings, rather than cultures and traditions. People create all the cultures and traditions RIGHT?

    Cultures and Traditions are created to guide people and give people to respect or not is depending on their personal interests.

    We are not against our Cultures or Traditions… but we really want to update our cultures..
    This is 2012… they ways we are using our lives today are very far different from 200 years ago. RIGHT?

    We are standing here firmly. We will do our jobs. We risk a little to Live with Hope.

    We are the ones who take care of culture and traditions… we will not let them to take care of us. We are protect cultures and traditions.. we don’t need them to protect us…

    We want Peace!

  2. In the interview:
    1. Srorn Said “Why ASEAN Govt forget us? Why they exclude us from AHRD? Here at home, our parents and family don’t accept us, in community people insult or say badly or violate our human rights. We cannot express or talk about our human rights. We really want the Govt to think about us, stop thinking we should not be developed.
    2. Tana lesbian activist Cambodia. We demand our rights , we are here to seek the support from ASEAN govt to include SOGI into the AHRD.
    3. H.E Phai Siphan, he personally supports the LGBTIQ community.. but they need to give more time to us in order to build understanding and accepting among community. They have to not too active as they need to change the culture little by little.


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