Send suspects Tengokhluon son Rape 13-year-old girl Battambang court

Source CEN

Battambang: Female suspects Tengokhluon son (khtaey) police Sampov loun Detained build a case to court Battambang Court To legal action based on 17 September 2013 after receiving a complaint guardians accused the 13-year-old daughter Rape In Thai territory Since last July, decided to 10 times.

Detained The last time 9 and 30 Morning of September 16, 2013 in the village street flexible Angkor Sampov loun Battambang While suspects Returned from Thailand Inside the territory.

District police Sampov loun know that she suspects tengokhluon boy named chie keyboard 29 years old A resident in the village, the scene above. The girl suffered 13 years old.

Officials Specified Mother, girl victims Appeal since this past July by the accused chie keyboard pongrot 13-year-old daughter In Thai territory And the rape of a 13-year-old daughter Decided several After he found 13-year-old daughter With the suspects in the territory of Thailand And bring Cambodian territory.

Chie keyboard suspects confessed that really had sex with 13-year-old girl Decided 10 times In the territory of Thailand sure. Suspects that this is the 2nd and roubke pongrot the same Sex in the territory is a Women’s 1 There are more than 20 years old To rape. 2, rape is roubke using fingers Relief style (Stabaangael and employees) because roubke Just tengokhluon male.

Chin Seng said Currently, Build a case to force suspects Battambang court To legal action based on 17 September 2013. Vulnerable girls After the talent already chch Given to an organization in Battambang To help care And Vocational Training.



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